Monday, January 23, 2012


Pinterest has changed my life. Seriously. I have developed areas of creativity that I didn't know existed. Pinterest makes creativity seem possible and do-able.

I made two things for my husband for Christmas from inspiration (or should I say, "pinspiration"?) I got via that glorious website. And my boys can attest to the wonderful yumminess that has been enjoyed since I joined.

And let's face it: sometimes, you need a five-minute escape on days like today when your two-year-old is yelling phrases like, "Stop looking at me, Jordan!" and wailing, "I just don't want to obey you, Mommy!" and the four-year-old is spraying his hair with Febreeze, thinking it's hairspray. Wonderful.

It's just good to have a five-minute break to do something Pinteresting.

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